– Experience a story that unfolds through carefully written conversations between multiple characters
– A psychological story that will haunt you for days after finishing it.
– A visually stunning game that is full of creepy imagery and incredible animation
– Find out why there are so many imposters in the world and why they are so bent on achieving their goals.
– Get to know Holly Beltran, a scared girl with a dark past who has nightmares about something called The Ever-Hunger

This is a shortened version as we need to make a profit.


Everything in this game was made by me with the sole exception of the musical score, which is composed by Christian Whitehead of the wonderful musician and composer band:
Some critics like to call my game ”art”, ”mega project” or ”experimental”. I don’t really like these words because they put my game in a category of its own.
I made this game because I wanted to take my work further and tackle a more personal story.
I hope you enjoy and have a lovely day.
— Maximilian Weichardt

Pasted by TheSwerve on Aug. 18

Hey people!

You probably know this already but actually it says if you want to get the owner’s cut for my game you need to subscribe through Patreon.

If you are already a patron, thank you so much. I also want to thank the people who purchased the game through here on Steam. They are very important to me and I truly hope you enjoy the game.

If you would like to purchase the game, it is currently priced on the Steam store at 9.99 USD or 5.75 AUD per game through this Humble Bundle. It is currently also available for iPad, Android and Facebook. It is coming to the OUYA store and the PlayStation Store. I am working hard to get those out as well.

I will make a trailer and a roadmap for the release and will post them in here. I also hope to host a livestream at some point to answer questions about the


Features Key:

  • Team work in space is essential. You’ll need everything from shield generators to lasers to provide protection, help your defensive efforts and win crucial battles. Be a SOLAR for your team!
  • Destroy enemy turrets and communications freighters to hinder their communications, battle against their shields while defending your own.
  • You can battle on static maps with up to 4 players (2v2)
  • High-quality technology and field engineering will be put to the test against the aliens’ powerful weapons. You’ll need every scrap of experience and technological expertise you can acquire.


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You play as Pip, a small, angry girl. You are angry, angry, angry. And you want to travel down the corridor, to the place where you’re innocent and safe from the outside world. You will keep on losing your innocence and you will eventually unravel the mystery of the corridor.

You are starting from the beginning with Pip. Without any experience you are laying the foundation of your life. You should decide when to change the name of Pip, to Kitty, to Trixie, to Diana, to Rose, to Zorach. You can create your own adventure with your name and your style. Just make sure to make a nice one.

But wait, the corridor is not just any old corridor, it is a run-down and forgotten corridor. The closed, rusty doors are guarding the secrets that you never want to know.

The game is based on traditional “Pick The Baby Out Of The Jars” and puzzles, of which you are expected to solve them all, without hesitation and without moving your fingers. Of course, you can move your fingers, it is not necessary.

You will go on trying to find the exit, to the place where you’re safe. But there is a creepy dark spot lurking in the middle of the corridor, a big, black, boiling machine, with an evil face.

It will be hard. It will be harder than you thought.

You’ll have to trust no one. No adults, no parents. Just yourself. And the maze behind you will not let you down.

You can change the length of the maze, to help you in hiding behind the corners. The only way out of the maze is to complete the maze. You can feel like the maze is never the maze, that you’re going around in circles, but you are right. You are not going in circles at all. You are going through the maze. But you’ll end up in the exit.

You are Pip, a girl from the forgotten corridor. You are strong and you are lonely. Your only friend is the maze.


-Pick The Baby Out Of The Jars puzzle in 6 different rooms and with different children. (all puzzles can be solved in any order)

-Replayable puzzle gameplay, with different ways to solve all puzzles

-Unlimited lives




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The Airship Designer is a sandbox-style game that allows users to build their own airships as they see fit, and then fly them freely or watch them blow up in the sandbox. It is inspired by games like MineCraft, Terraria and KSP, but instead of all the blocks being ”solid” it has a block which allows an airship to travel through the air, this ”airship block” is called the ”piston block.” Most blocks are destructible, but they can be repaired once broken using the ”Repair Tool.”
* Airships are built with a number of Engine Blocks and Envelopes, the Airship Designer has a friendly UI to help guide you through the creation of an airship.
* A world is generated for you where you can place and fly your own creations. An airship will not have any collisions with other aircraft, but in-game items will collide with the airship if they collide with the pistion block. Items like cliffs, rocks, trees, etc. will work like rocks but will make a sound when they collide with the airship. On a new world, there will be two different sandboxes where you can play with the airships, one is a sand free-for-all environment which allows users to blow up the airships in the sandbox. The other sandbox is a sandbox where the airships must stick to the ground, and collisions will not harm the airships. If a user places an airship in the free-for-all sandbox, they have the option to fly the airship freely, or watch it blow up in the sandbox.
* Ships created in the Airship Designer can be saved with the use of the built-in file-system, or exported to Minecraft and imported into a new world.
Special note: The game is still in beta testing phase. Thanks for the feedback!
Special note: We are hard at work to add auto-repair support.

I really like the idea behind this game! There’s only one thing which bugs me: The game always asks me what kind of engine I want.

Lets think about the history of airships. When someone was building the first airships, he was not thinking ’What kind of engine should I use?’ and as a result, he used a steam engine or in later times diesel engine. The question how to build an airship was always about what kind of engine I should use in a given situation. The thing is that


What’s new in Wimp: Who Stole My Pants:


Adapted from the novel by Greg Bear, Aliens Don’t Exist takes the characters down paths of subtlety, betrayal and subterfuge. Sam Carter and Delta co-op to save Earth from the Xenomorph-like Okeanos, sort of, but that’s a pretty big job for these characters. The Okeanos is a parasite that takes over a human being and reshapes them into a Xenomorph. If you had a conspiracy theory, that would be a crazy one but it’s only the aliens who are crazy. This tale unfolds over two timelines and shifts in plot, one with the characters being young and impassioned as they try to make decisions for the future of Earth, and the other as they play a game of checkers and chess with Evasior; going further down the Terminator-twist path on how they’ll stay alive. Most of the conflict plays out on Marine Base Bravo for failing to make an effective plan, sort of. The game of species ends with the Okeanos creating a new strain of alien with the human DNA and Vela living life in present time, some place. It’s written in the second person in a way meant to be heard over radio. It’s a fairly ominous book, something of an allegory that dogs the Milky Way Galaxy.

Brave New World (1932)

Written in 1932, the film version of Aldous Huxley’s book was released in 1954 and was remade in 1998. This is not just a classic for the futuristic looks it portrays, for its elaborate and creative world where people pursue their own happiness with and against everyone else. Its optimism permeates in every scene and play out as if a version of the Butlerian Jihad. Given the title of this item, one cannot help but play that up some against the themes. Eugenics is a core evil of the book, a human solution to an unsolvable problem that takes away the unique qualities of the individual. It falls into the Nihilism of Will Wright’s Spore. It enforces a more perfect society without compassion and places the control in the hands of geneticists in a fascist government that puts it into practice. It is also the birth of the dreaded vaccine that is so painfully foisted upon the masses and forces people to submit without question. John, a character lead and impassioned about the idea of knowledge seeks to teach his children. His


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Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is a turn-based strategy, dungeon crawler game set in the Age of Sigmar by Games Workshop. In this unique challenge of tactics, use your favourite Champions from Warhammer.
Listen up Champions! Chaos is everywhere!
It’s a long road through the Silver Tower.
Fight through the 120 stages as you reach the tallest structure in the entire world of the Mortal Realms.
Your army must grow and develop as you progress. You must become tougher and stronger through relentless combat against new enemies.
Only by beating the Summoner’s trials, and finding all the pieces of his Talisman can you have a chance at escape!
This game is only available on the App Store.
This game is not available on any other platform.
If you are having issues with this game on your iOS device, please contact us at support@telesigmas.com
Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower has been designed with you in mind.
Play on any device!
Compatible with all iOS devices, from the iPhone 4S or newer.
Huge Campaign:
Campaign Mode is the main game mode. It features over 200 battles across 25 unique environments, and the complete Warrior Hero campaign. You can play the campaign in any order you like, choosing your path through the warzones and making choices along the way!
Quest Daily:
Quest Daily is a highly-acclaimed challenge mode that provides daily quests for extra rewards. All random stages and random battles in the main campaign are also completed in Quest Daily, so you can keep on playing without any worry!
Hoards of Treasure:
The Items, weapons, and trinkets you collect will increase your characters power and bring them closer to full armour.
Use a combination of boons to unlock a new set of gameplay elements. This will transform you into a devastating Death Knight, a Jack of Blades, or even a Legendary Guardian of Order, Chaos, or Death.
Games Workshop Ltd.
We hope you enjoy Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower!
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Check out our website:

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  • First, download Metra official trailer from above download link.
  • Extract and save the.exe file
  • Donwload OTRDor get the.zip file
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  • Copy the installation file(Game_install_x64.exe) to the unpacked folder.
  • Click on the installer file, wait for the installation process to be completed.
    Installed so far.
  • Enjoy Fall to Dungeon!

    • Game Dungeon’s Fall can be installed to a new PC installation.
    • Just make sure that the computer has the following 3 pre requisites:

    How to Play Game Dungeon’s Fall

    • First, download Metra official trailer from above download link.
    • Extract and save the.exe file.
    • Donwload OTRDor get the.zip file
    • Extract the zip file
    • Copy the OTDGame_dungeon.exe file into the original installation folder.

    How to open already installed Dungeon’s Fall

    • Run OTDGame_dungeon.exe.
    • You will need to install a new installation directory,
      before installing Dungeon’s Fall, which is the folder
      named OTDGame_dungeon
    • For the freshly created original installation directory, there will be
      an icon labeled ’install_OTDC’ file which shows that you’re
      ready to install the game.

    Configure game.exe files and game installation