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8/10/2017 10:15 am. Chicago in the Midwest for the summer; I-10 will be open to all traffic and no lane closures are planned. (I-10): All lanes on I-10 closed in both directions between I-10 in Phoenix and I-17 at McCall Road at midnight. In all cases, detours are posted on the U.S. Department of Transportation’s website.
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1.1.1 – Triskaidekaphobia — Fear of the number 13. 1.1.2 – Ekphantasmagoraphobia — Fear of phantoms. 1.2.4 – Pineal phobia — Fear of the pineal gland. 1.2.5 – Numerophobia — Fear of numbers. 1.2.6 – Pyromania — Habit of starting fires. 1.2.