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Hello guys, I’m interested in getting a copy of the BUGS file for Denuvo in order to analyse it and. The autorun.exe file will be here soon.
I am new to Denuvo, and I don’t know how to crack a Denuvo game. Can you point me in the right direction?


The Denuvo system is a way to protect a game from piracy. This can be circumvented by patching the game (what Denuvo does). You may have a look at this article.


Update current user without logging in

I have an app that’s written in Rails 4.2 and has a personalisation feature. When a user changes their details they have to login to the admin section of the app to make the changes.
I want to have a link on the page that logs the current user out but stays on the page.
The current solution I have works fine but I have to go to the login page every time I hit the edit links, is there a way of maintaining the current user without refreshing the page?


You have a couple of options
1) you can take the user to a page that will redirect them to the current url, and set a redirect back in the action that they were taken from.
2) set the current user on a ThreadLocal in your controller and retrieve it when you wish to show them a page
class UserController ’show’, :id =>

The Guide to Financial Planning

On April 18th, 2012 the Atlanta Community Foundation launched The Guide to Financial Planning to equip Atlanta community members, organizations and nonprofits with resources that can be leveraged into the next generation of systems to improve the quality of life for all. This website contains many resources for our community members, including a set of resources for individuals.

General Resources


Adopt a Community Fund. If you’re feeling generous, The Atlanta Community Foundation can help you be a part of a donor-directed fund for your community. This allows you to make a tax-deduct

21 Oct 2014

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Tenor Jack bass doublecut Z L / G / 10-fret
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In some of Tenor Jack basses with a double cut neck, you can see a small notch in the middle of the neck.