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published: 24 Aug 2018

2D Art Background – Roblox

This is my first art of some deviantART fanart! Hopefully it will inspire some of you guys to draw!
I have seen a lot of people asking me about art, so yeah… Enjoy!
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Here are the devices used:
4K Pro Capture:

Digital SLR Camera:

1080p Body:

Sound Card:


Logitech C920:

published: 17 Aug 2018

How to make a Game – Art of Illusion

In this video i will be showing you how to make a simple Game with Art of Illusion. I will show you how to create things like Bombs, Enemies, Weapons, Items, Maps, LevelDesign, and Game Design.

published: 24 May 2011

How did RJ start? How to Make a Game with Adobe Flash

RJ started off teaching himself Flash by reading online tutorials and watching videos.. here he explains how to build on top of that to create a game. This video can be found in the Roblox Guide.
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published: 19 Oct 2018

The Art of


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The ”old” way to get Robux is to play games. By playing games, you either gave Robux away for free or you got more games or you got more of the specific game itself, and more games, and more of the game itself, etc.
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