BhoScanner is a simplistic and intuitive application aimed at identifying BHO items (Browser Helper Objects) on your computer or a PC connected via LAN. Its features can be seamlessly figured out, even by users with less experience in software programs.
After a brief installation procedure, you are welcomed by a standard window with a well-defined layout, representing BhoScanner's interface.
So, all you have to do is write your IP address and let BhoScanner perform a scanning procedure. If you want to scan a computer remotely, then you require the administrator user name and password to bypass the security measures.
Once the scanning operation is done, you can check out the ID, type, file path, description and URL for each BHO. You can get additional information on each object, copy a row or all items to the Clipboard, as well as save the list to a plain text document (TXT format) for further analysis.
The straightforward program runs on a very low quantity of CPU and system memory, so it does not interfere with the runtime of other active processes. It is very responsive to key strokes and mouse events, and finishes a scanning job quickly. No error dialogs have bee shown in our tests and the tool did not hang or crash. Although BhoScanner is not very resourceful, it offers users a quick and effective solution to detect BHOs on their systems.







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BhoScanner is a small software utility, which can be used to detect BHO files in a remote PC. It scans for BHO files and returns their description, URL and file path, which can be added to a favorite list, and downloaded to the clipboard.
BhoScanner is an extremely simple, yet powerful tool. It has a very friendly interface, and the major functionality is pretty much self-explanatory. Additionally, the software supports scanning local or remote PCs, and will update the list of detected BHO files with every scan.
One of the biggest drawbacks to BhoScanner is that it does not offer any additional functions or additional options. However, the tool is free of charge, so that’s not a big deal. The lack of a more complete list of functions may be an issue for some users, but those who are familiar with this type of tool will be fine.
BhoScanner includes a comprehensive manual and supports all Windows operating systems. Download BhoScanner today!

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* Find Macro in a file *
* Search for a text in a file *
* Find next text in a file *
* Remove text in a file *
* Find and remove sequence of numbers in a file *
* Get text files from a folder *
* Search an entire folder for files *
* Search a folder for a file *
* Select a file *
* Select a file in a folder *
* Show desktop image in a folder *
* Stop, pause and resume *
* Select a folder or file to open *
* Start a program *
* Start a program in a folder *
* Select a file to open or run program *
* Search a folder for *.zip files *
* Select a folder to show its content *
* View a folder as list of files or browse *
* Open a file to view its content *
* Open file to print its content *
* Open file to edit its content *
* Open a folder as a list of files or folders *
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* Show hidden files *
* Open a folder to save its content *
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* View a folder as list of files or browse *
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* Set a program to start with Windows on startup *
* Set a program to start with Windows on logon *
* Add a program to the Start menu *
* Add a program to the Start menu on logon *
* Set a program to open links in the program *
* Run a file on startup *
* Create a shortcut on Desktop *
* Delete a shortcut on the Desktop *
* Set a program to open links *
* Set a program to open links on startup *
* Set a program to open links on logon *
* Set a program to open links when minimizing *
* Hide a program *
* Unhide a program *
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BhoScanner [Updated] 2022

Key Features of BhoScanner:
*Scan and find BHO information.
*Detect BHO by code or description.
*Detect BHO by script code.
*Find BHO by path or script.
*Save the list of all BHOs to TXT file.
*Copy the list of all BHOs to the clipboard.
*Test BHO by URL.
*Test BHO by using toolbox
*Display BHO information in a table.
*Paste BHO information to the table.
*Show BHO icon for each object.
*Save all files to a specified folder.
*Automatic procedure for scanning.
*User-friendly interface.
*Lightweight and user-friendly program.
*Free for all.

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What’s New in the BhoScanner?


System Requirements For BhoScanner:

-8 GB RAM (2 GB minimum)
-Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista
-NVIDIA Geforce GTX 950/AMD Radeon R9 270X/AMD Radeon R9 280/AMD Radeon R9 290/AMD Radeon R9 290X/AMD Radeon R9 380/AMD Radeon R9 390/AMD Radeon R9 390X
-Patreon link
-Steam game
-Slightly longer than 5 hours
-20 GB free HDD space
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