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How to Crack the 18-Piece Accordion from Denver,…..Our favorite local coffee roaster, Straub’s, is expanding it’s offerings with a new line of espresso coffee. The ”Scirocco” (micro-roast coffees) will be sold in their locations for the first time later this year, and they are making a special case for us to try them out and give you the scoop on them.

We are giving away one of the Scirocco packs for free, so you can come in and compare the $5.99 brewed espresso coffees for yourself. If you want to try before you buy, they’ll be offering samples at the location where you usually grab a cold brew coffee.

It’s been a great summer so far for Starbucks in the Twin Cities, but the one thing that has been missing is a certain local band of coffee lovers, the People’s Coffee Collective. On Thursday, August 8, they’re opening up their third location, in Minneapolis’ North Loop.

A group of die hard Starbucks lovers who claim no affiliation to the corporate retail giant, the People’s Coffee Collective (PCC) started in 2009 as an online gathering to try out Starbucks coffee roasted locally in Minneapolis, and now it’s a coffee roaster and cafe in the city.

But what distinguishes the collective from the Starbucks brand is the emphasis on quality, sourcing and local business. ”We don’t source and roast their coffee and promote it. What we do is partner with some great people who also roast locally and do these things well,” says PCC Coordinator David Martz.

On Monday, when a Starbucks store announced it would not be selling its beans, the Popular Coffee Collective (PCC) unleashed a bomb, not on the customer, but on the competitor it was trying to support. The PCC posted a listing on Craigslist under ”local cafes in the Twin Cities”, saying they were ”looking for a local coffee roaster with excellent customer service to roast and sell our coffee.”

After a message went out on Thursday saying the store was already scheduled, the PCC posted a second message on Friday, saying they’d found another cafe – second time’s the charm.

”It’s a story that a good friend of ours who is a member of this group

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insert data in table according to date time

i have to insert data in my table according to date time field,the format of data in this field is yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss,now i have date in this format.but i don’t know how to insert date in that format in my table, and when i try to insert date in this format my system automatically changes that data to date like in 2005/12/1 to insert date in date format in my table.what should i do?


you could use the CEILING function to retain the minutes when datetime is not in the valid form, assuming 24 hours = 1:
INSERT INTO table1 (column1, column2, column3, column4, column5)
SELECT ceiling(col1), col2, col3, col4, col5
FROM table2

Obviously, you could (and should) be more precise about your columns as you need to know which column is when the minutes aren’t integers

Association of external rotation of the hip joint with the risk of deep vein thrombosis in patients admitted to the hospital: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Although the number of critically ill patients on bed rest is increasing, there is no consensus on the prevention of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in this population. There have been few studies exploring the association between external rotation of the hip joint and DVT. To determine whether external rotation of the hip joint is associated with the risk of DVT in critically ill patients. We systematically searched PubMed, Cochrane Library, EMBASE, and Web of Science from inception to March 1, 2017, for studies evaluating the association of external rotation of the